About MPX Grande

Tulisan di bawah ini dikutip dari Company Profile-nya MPX Grande yang beredar sangat terbatas. Jadi pasti penting dan bermutu dong !!


DEAR STAKEHOLDERS. It is a privilege for me as the President & CEO of MPX to able to write a few words as a forward to our company profile. MPX was incorporated to enter the high-end field of cinema entertainment and to become a leading player. This in an area, which we believe allows for significant growth given the increasing spending power and sophistication of the middle and middle upper sections of the community.

BUILDINGSMART THEATRES. We have invested a great deal of time and capital into creating a concept that is not luxurious by cinema/theatre standards but in ensuring that we take a full advantage of the internet and increasing number of clientele who are “on line”. Internet access and on line booking provides our clientele with an easy alternatives to standing in a queue and gives them the ability to browse at their leisure, select the films they want to see, choose their seats, book and pay at their convenience.
Our emphasis is on quality not quantity. We have developed a unique cinema setting with luxurious reclining seating, seating for couples and even a private lounge and cocktail area for our Diamond clients.

IMPROVING THE GROSS. We believe that by providing a higher standard of service we can justify our higher tickets rate entice members of the cinema going public to become MPX clients. We believe that our formula will yield a higher return to shareholders and at the same time allow us to ever improve the already high standards we have set ourselves.

Best Regards,

PT. MULTIPLEX MEDIA, the owning company of MPX, announces the launching of a new standard in cinema entertainment. MPX, a name that will become synonymous with luxury cinema venues presents classic and independent films in seating that has not been experienced in Indonesia to date. MPX recognizes that the Jakarta film audience continues to become more sophisticated, more demanding and more selective in its appreciation of films of many genres. We offer our audiences an opportunity to view independent and classic films within a technologically advanced and amenity packed theatre that includes luxurious seating; gourmet coffee and specialty foods for those who wish to take advantage of our intimate café and theatre setting. These amenities successfully led us to achieve the No 4 Cinema in the world with the Best in Convenience, according to Time Magazine, May 2002.


THREE OF KEY COMPONENTS TO THE FINANCIAL SUCCESS OF ANY CINEPLEX With commercial rents in prime locations being a major consideration efficient use of space, while maximizing visual appeal and comfort, is paramount. New locations are evaluated carefully to determine that the maximum use of space is possible, the market demands and expectations are known and investment is controlled thus ensuring the highest yield per meter square and return on investment for our shareholders. Spatial planning to create, visual appeal, easy access, smooth flow of clientele and above all the safety of our patrons are all factors considered very carefully during the planning stage.

customer service ticketbooth

VISUAL APPEAL AND INTERIOR DESIGN are key component in the success of our projects and we employ only the best leaders in the field of cinema and interior design.

MPX offers only Diamond and Gold Class, setting its standards above its competitors

longeinside diamond
DIAMOND CINEMA A Class Unto its own!

MPX Diamond Class is the height of luxury. Personalized service, reclining seats, individual cocktail tables, ONLY 24 seats in the theatre and an adjoining private pre theatre cocktail lounge. Diamond Class, a trade mark of MPX Cinema, is truly the ultimate in cinema viewing

GOLD CINEMA Our Gold Class is in a standard of its own. Large comfortable seats, love seats for two with an arm rest between that can be raised and a very spacious layout that ensures having your “own space”. Gold Class provides only half the number of seats that similar theatres would provide in the same area. We want our clients to enjoy not only the movie but the ambience of setting.

Nah, apalagi yang ditunggu, buruan rame-rame ke mpx grande. see you there !!!


Author: deltapapa

Saya adalah manusia biasa yang menjalani hidup dengan sederhana dan membuat prasasti keberadaan saya dengan blog ini. Selamat membaca dan terima kasih telah singgah meski hanya sejenak.

One thought on “About MPX Grande”

  1. gw sering nonton di sini. tempatnya emang bagus banget, nyaman, asyik dan cozy. penontonnya gak pernah ngantri, harganya murah boo cuma 15 ribu aja sekarang. kalo nonton di tempat lain ngantri dan susah dapet tiketnya, le mpx aja. pasti dapet tiket. Nah, jangan ngaku jadi penggemar nonton bioskop kalo belum pernah ke mpx. gak bakal kecewa. gw jamin !!!!

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